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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  October 17, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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a well-known architect in toronto, he is currently china is seekin was to be granted to ban the us of the engines logo, chief wahoo and the indians name during tonight's broadcast of game three of alcs. their well-being and harry further down the street in toronto
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by the judge at about 1:00 p.m. today what will happen in terms of that hearing were not certain, but he does so that no have the use of chief wahoo and indians. they're aware over the past several years, have deemphasize the use of chief wahoo aspects of the uniform. interest and see how that plays out stuffff that hearing will be held at 1:00 p.m. and the judges chambers and hope to get some kind of update you as we have
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a great weekend we had here actual baseball, the rogers center as a roof over the stadium. the news is the of heading and inserting 182 with four runs in two games and the blue jays starting pitching, and done a great job it will be up to thehe trevor bauer to see how he performs as they starting pitcher the indians continue the journey towards the world serie
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in enemy territory as jessica dill joins us people are taking pictures are so many different places yo can go they got the day off but they will going tonight ate 8:00 o'clock. indians and pepsi are hosting professionalp watch parties at buffalo wild wings. game three is at 8:08 p.m. with trevor bauer starting versus toronto blue jays posted taken to a
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and that his injured finger should not impact pitching he received stitches after he cut himself, the forced into messes schedule start again, and toronto yesterday he brought along the drumm said that his love of sta wars inspired itouhe and that h going thisan for years and neve hurt himself f read up on it and was a engineering and and interested in physics has been a passion which is a great outlet get away from baseball for a little bit to enjoy technologygy is custom-designed. it is unfortunate that he was injured, it is on the right pinky finger is said will not
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tomorrow, game four in toronto at 4:04 p.m. also we canan win tomorrow after sweeping them tonightee and what this is a luck out what it look outside the fox 8 studios great start to the week we love this monday and check in with jenn harcher. it is getting warmer nearing record heat today and tomorrow. forecast for today 81 degrees.
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>> one day great october. within three days so far of 80 and above october.r. it has been very nice current temperatures, 75 cleveland and almost 80 degrees turn. and well-being at or about eating today. by 6:00 o'clock, we'll have plenty of sunshine fromom sunset at 6:43 p.m., it will not be calling off that much tonight and we do have the
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20 sustained and gusting up to 25 mph the rainfall is well away from us showers move into the area tuesday. with full details coming up enjoy this warm air. and of headlines suspect in custody in thean shooting of a teenager and a mr. hero he was spotted walking into the dollar general store last night when approached he ran,n they're abl to stop them and taken into custody.y. they say that he matched the description of a ma
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shooting the recall to mr. hero about apm for a robbery in progressbb they found the fifth year with a gunshot wound to hi head he was taken toto universi hospitals where he later died they say the suspect entered an shot him in the head before taking the money and running. >> are trying to make a couple dollars and they die, it is jus crazy . >> a couple wee through a mike's and took the agm now a teenager is killed a. >> they say he was the nephew of the restaurant owner and a student at mayfield high school >> developer news out of lorain county, too decomposed bodies were found inside of the business on berkshire street the recall to conduct a welfare check a little after 5:00 p.m.m. they found the bodies of what appears to be a male and female
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the death is called suspicious of a firearm was found. >> in ohio, the race for the white house is a virtual dead heat so we can expect to see a lot of the candidates and surrogates over the next three weeks,s, yesterday former secretary of state madeleine albright made aei stop in cleveland heights to support hillary clinton as maia belay was >> about three weeks until the election, voters remain this roomvo in cleveland heights was filled with people who say they know which candidate they want to call presidentnt. these voters are from another woman who held paved the way. the first female secretary of state madeleine albright, she i in the middle of the three-day statewide push to encourage early money just admit that i'm
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i think that hillary is the only choice for president.. she says that she's been following the election closely, others say that theee device of back-and-forth is mentally and emotionally draining. >> during the short speech, she did not hold back against trump and the sexually lewd conversation from 2,005. s >> i cannot imagine that people would say such discussing thing and then deny them.l hillary clinton is not without scandals, the latest wikileaks hacking revealed transcripts of paid speeches, earlier this month additional to show that she had both a public improvisational wall street reform.houb >> says this most important election and the choice is , cannot be more clear. >> what is important is that people understand that they hav
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trump is not a person that they want to have as president because he ist divisive and doe not tell the truth. >> even if their candidate does not win, is important that children understand that they can grow up to become powerful women.r importance that she gets this message and also that my daughter can beis anything that she wants in the world. maia belay fox 8 news. still ahead, scary moments were parts of the gop over the
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donald trump is blaming clinton's supporters after nort
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weekend swastika and the nazi republicans motown, the campaign said that it is horrific and unacceptable and grateful that everybody is safe,f trump continues to claim that the election ist being raped at polling places. donald trump calls the show time and it is time to retire in. >> billy bush and departure from abc kidz dns today, has been of the air since caught on that tape withha donald trump earlie
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currently 75 degrees cleveland and almost 80 degrees findlay and '70s along the pennsylvania border. >> a great day for a bike ride or using. crosses state not lots of cloud cover. a few clouds near northern summit. we will continue to clear out that well being asked to about 80 degrees.
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get here before the cold so expecting it to be in the low '80s tomorrow afternoon we haven't warm front just to the north of us. the next system, is a cold front that will try t move and as early as 5:00 p.m. tuesday. for the most part, see if that holds together. so enjoy these temperatures. tonight, in the low 70s lakeshore and upper 70s inland. is overnight lows are above the everytime for this time of year
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right now the forecast is 81, the land of the south gusting up to 25 mph. we have the wind out of the southwest tonight, i between 20 andou 25 knots, smal craft advisory in effect late tonight. water temperature i 68 degrees, and then tomorrow, 84 degrees, willro tie the record from 1959. increasing clouds tomorrow. by noon, more clouds. on tuesday, into wednesday morning
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will be the low 70s, above average, thursday, on and off showers with mid- 60s and then friday a chance of rainfall and back to that fall feel. if you need a gift idea? you
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many americans will spend more on each person to shop for the holidays, survey finds that more than half expect to send more and 40 percent believe the best deals are on black friday they say that they will take it in deals online and in stores especially like electronics the say that october is a great tim
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buy things like travel, toys and of course today americans can read back an unlimited amount of cuban rum and cigars from the island, as the obama administration limited to a prior $100 limit as o brittany miller explains. >> you can now go to cuba to bu cigars and bring them back but when it comes to buying and selling, that's a different story.yi >> they are the top-of-the-line >> a day that the cigar enthusiasts has been waiting fo is here. >> we get the cubans, cannot have brought them back your voice had to smoke them overseas. >> you can see smokeoih them at home thanks to a executive action by president obama, lifting the 50 year ban akin
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the united states, many call it a victory, atlanta retailers and cigar manufacturers are waiting for the smoke to clear. >> i cannot go to cuban buy a bunch of cigars and sell them o the us s market so there's not much upside from that standpoint.m >> according to new regulations by the fda, they must get approval to say that the application process can take >> a lengthy embargo, the largest market for cuban cigars has been the us, have been people came back with an abundant amount of cuban cigarsa >> that will also connect capitalist economies countries to ec scholarships, agriculture an medical research, all of those go into effect, today, brittany miller. what if the indians may be on
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it is continue their journey onto the world series, and any territory, jessica dill has mor optimized gamedi against the bl jays.
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three is to nikon even though i is not have progressive, there are still ways you canan take part, the intense and pepsi are hostingar alcs road game watch parties at area buffalo wild wings, you're invited to rally for the next games tonight game three is at 8:00 p.m., trevor bauer will get the start agains the blue jaysp.ev he hopes to t indians to aho late and this best-of-seven series is says it is injured finger should not impact his pitching,g, receivin stitches after he cut himself out that forced him to miss his scheduled game to start, in toronto yesterday brought alon the drone explained that his love of star wars inspired him to build it and has been doing this for years. i taught myself about this a reada up about it was a
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there's been a passion my entir life. this is a great outlet for me get away from baseball a little back and enjoy technology,, to custom design this entire thing. >> he says that the injured pinky finger is not impact his ability to pitch the baseball, game three tonight at 8:08 p.m., game four is tomorrow at at 4:08 p.m. stay with us for updates. the indians are now just six wanes away from lead in the second parade of 2016 through downtown. the i-team has uncovered some iota numbers. the
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gamblers wander off, much bigger than the budget, even where the indians on the brink of the world series, city hall has not began a possible baseball temperature parade. i tell you what i'll will be more prepared this time all my friends are calling me ask it wasn't the game planan? >> more than a million people gather to celebrate the cavaliers season, city hall say that noso planning yet for the indians parade, not yet in the world series and don't want to jinx anything. >> some police officers complained about not enough planningf for the cavaliers paradede, we heard police radio traffic thato showed tom price considered canceling the prey t the last minute they were worried aboute it is through streets like east ninth that were completely clogged.r
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something so massive, and the answer is, nearlys $16,000 just for police, another $11,000 for ambulance in public works crewsh at flannery's, the hope that the city gets ready for another parade e , no big problem last time but always room for improvementn >> i think that their should be more safety, more security and barricades wouldbe definitely make this one go way smoother. with the indians parade even bigger than this? we met one guy who would not go. >> as a toronto fan, when the indians w when the world series, are you coming back for the parade?erl >> no. >> ed gallek fox 8 i-team. when my this city start planning a baseball parade dr. marc not clear the city spokesman pointed out
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now and the american league championship series.n check in to see what is happening in our weather department with jenn harcher. record of 82 back in 1953 the southerly winds warming us up gusting ups to 25 mph. it will be even windier tuesday will be 84 degrees tuesday for that front gets here that would tie the record of 84 back in 1950s yesterday we had 80 degrees in cleveland we are
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moment. to the west, it is 6 degrees warmer in toledo. as the sky continues clearing and they went from the south, are going to be warming quickly today.a currently 75 degrees in cleveland with the winds sustainedi from the south at 12 mph. the lakefront, is in the mid- 70s0s, sustained at 17. sunset at 6:43 p.m. and then tonight, it will be on the mild side, the overnight lo about 67 degrees and breezy, tomorrow the wind will be gusting up to 25 mph ande the pane at at least 20 degrees above average of 63.
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on tuesday evening and through the nighttime. earlier this morning the man wa shot at the usa foodmartrt on east 123 street they heard multiple shots fired as the 30-year-old man,lt was pronounced dead, no word on any suspects, radio in new developments. cleveland police investigating hit-skip on the o east side, it happened early sunday as a man crossed st. clair avenue, allison brown has more. the family says they victim of the hit-skip, reno jones, and now just in shock. >> when you hit someone, you go to think about what would you do
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>> they said he was walking wit some friends outside of theth casino michael orbany was hit b a 2,008 ford edge. >> driver. >> he came out of the car, walked across here and hit. . >> people say that this should not have happened, the police say thed, suspect had been drinking and was speeding. he was a good man, he didn't bother nobody. they say of the tragic took the life of a 56-year-old who love to go fishing and spend time with his family, trying to process what happened. what they say when someone dies to the essay after the accident , she drove home and then allegedly told her father what happened and he alerted th police selfiestdl charges of aggravated vehicular homicide and felony hit-skip,, the
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>> we wish you and we love you. allison brown, fox 8 news. the family says they plan to have a candlelit vigil tonight at the scene of the crash. key regulators come this morning for the safe route 2 school program join the walking school bus with students at louisa may alcott school to celebrate international walk to school day followed by the launch of the district wide saf route 2 school program to focus on improving walking and biking safety for students at the 699
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news recent to disinfect your office keyboard, study says tha the proof isyo in the bacteria study finds that keyboards contain 20,000 more bacteria than toilet bowl, the mouse has 45,000 more times than the flush handle, the electronic badges, containn more than 4 million bacteria per square inch. >> libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson sets to show that he is the fittest candidate for president on saturday and got quite a workou ist. >> amid crowd, as gary johnson campaigned in his home state fo the second weekend in a row. a truly cool, it is a big name that comes to town and is also. >> some came to the rally undecided. just the idea that we ought to have as her voice is really exciting.
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gary johnson. >> worked on both of his gubernatorial campaigns and are just think he is a wonderful person, intelligentiag , knowledgeable and smart, honest and the former two-time new mexico governor dr. the same game plan he has throughout the campaign trail, stress and why he believes it is so important for voters to have an alternative to thep two front runners. >> i hope to run the party for boh party system that needs crashing. >> hit the campaign trail, he biked for more than 7 miles fro his home forth of towels all the way to santa fe plaza.l >> this was an effort to prove that he is fittest to be the next president of the united states.oth f wrote it together today and know that their has not been a
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history of united states could have done that today in six hours he says was also a salute to home state. >> is a celebration of new mexico, and.. i am an athlete. in this way, you may want to go to the movies as it gets cooler, hear about the new film
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canal is unloaded about british historian david irving the holocaust occurred based on a true story in theaters october 21 is david mosse sat down tuesday to tom
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story.. david urban, denies the holocaust never happened, the court case ensues with tom wilkinson representing the truth. when you deal with a published writer, is it important for you to get every word he writes correct? where do you embellish. >> in this case the courtroom stuff has to be word for word, he did not write that, he just cut it, i am old school. if the writer tends to write that line then that is what i will do, you may change it but i'd tend not to do that offer
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what is the magic potion that allows you to do that, people try to memorize things and it's hard to do that, how do you do that? how do you memorize things? >> it is because, that is what i'd do for a living and that i what i've always wanted to do and you love the idea, i love the idea to play this character in court so that is not difficult to meme. lso things he says such as offering wine to his team wish the bad guys get all the good things. >> just something that you embody a little bit? i do feel like they're.
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you can be proud of denial comes a real pleasure , appreciate it. thank you. >> with tom wilkinson, the davi
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the brushes are modeled after harry, hermione and dumbledore. the even get to use the magic wands. they created also harry potter eye shadow, withdrew his new friend named penguin. the releasing floorless cars character set is fired by an ol photograph stop blog is a sequel titled, the best beer in the world and set for release at th end of the month.
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dogs are man's best friend that these dogsgs let people know that they are each other's best friends and inseparable. they dog's named chewbacca, the were given him because of allergies, send to and i'm a rescue shelter and they still like toto cuddlele together that they aret a package deal, both do family,o that has also two othe dogs and three pigs. is seeking a dogs, minnesota couple decide not to havede the flowers, but hold these poppies, the work with the animal shelter to get rescue puppies for their weddin photos. to no one's surprise a couple of those puppies were
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today has been great weather. grade for just anything. >> with gorgeous temperatures around 80 degrees and tomorrow low '80s expected. expecting near record words for october. enjoyed will be discussing the winter outlet at the last week of october. before it was cold and lots of snowfall but now trending average but stills several more models as we were discussing
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is quite interesting the winter outlook that in the meantime, enjoy thi summer teaser , monday and tuesday because it will be getting cooler at the end of th lake. will be trending below average could have been frosty friday night into early saturda
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. today on "the real"- >> stop, do you really want to post that? >> it's time we slam your gram. >> what do you have to say for yourself? >> plus the fashion show that will take you from the bed to the office. >> and we're playing dimestore deluxe on "the real." ? this is our time ? ? ? this is our time ? ? grab ahold of time and get with it ? ? starting right now, right now, right now ? ? it's all right we got a choice, this is our time to join right now ? ? grab ahold of time and get it ? ? starting right now, right now,


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